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Video is a powerful tool for companies to not only engage with prospects, but to help current clients understand your products and services in a visual way. Highlight your company by including short form videos on your website or social media pages.


Already have a collection of videos and photos, but don't have time to create an edited video? 

Reach out to us, as this work can be done remotely as well to take this off your plate. 


  • Product Videos

    • Showcasing your products in an interactive way through video can help your sales team when engaging with new prospects. Short 30 second to 2 minute videos that highlight the features and value that your products bring make it easier to help prospects visualize using them.​​

  • Promotional Videos

    • Highlight your business with a dynamic video to engage potential prospects so they can learn more about you and what you do. Many different elements are available such as:​

      • Video walkthrough of your business.​

      • Interviews to show the personal side.

      • Graphic elements/text. 

      • Company history.

      • Hiring Videos - Why should employees consider working at your business? A video can help with recruiting.

  • Instructional Videos

    • Along with any paper documentation you may include, having a short video demonstration of your products in use can be extremely beneficial for prospects and new clients.

  • Video Testimonials

    • Testimonials are a huge benefit as it shows social proof and builds credibility and trust with prospects. Instead of traditional plain text testimonials, consider having video testimonials made with your top clients, so you can share positive reviews on your website and social media pages. Our team can help coordinate and be the liaison between you and your clients to bring this vision to life.

  • The End Result

    • Let our team shoot and edit short videos to help your team stand out amongst others. A script can also be done along with a voiceover making this very seamless and easy for you. After a draft has been presented, edits and changes to the videos can be made to complete the project.​

Video produced for Innosek

Video produced for HARD Manufacturing


Promotional video created for FB Displays & Designs


Abstract Waves

Graphic Design

Compelling visuals help to tell your story. For smaller companies, you may not have the time to bring ideas to life. Our team can help.

  • Social Media

    • Do you have time to create visual graphics for your social media posts? Whether it's blending photos, removing backgrounds, creating scenes, etc., we can offload this task for you and provide you finished visuals that are ready to engage your prospects and clients.

  • Print Products

    • Whether you need notecards, business cards or flyers, we can create designs that showcase your company and brand.

Rhonda Lewis NELCO Business Card 3.PNG
Rhonda Lewis Business Card 3.PNG
Rhonda Lewis Business Card 3.PNG

Interested in learning more about our Videography & Graphic Design services?
Have a project in mind, but want to kick around some thoughts and ideas?

Please feel free to reach out, let's start with a quick conversation.

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