Race Team & Race Track Custom Thank You Cards

Communicate with sponsors and supporters in a special way!

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Break through the noise.

Communication is key to success on and off the track. How are you staying top of mind to retain sponsors and reach out to new partners?

A handwritten note breaks through the noise and helps you stand out.

Let us create custom thank you cards for your team!

Package Options

"Hot Laps"


What's included:

  • 10 custom cards (1 design)

  • Pre-stamped envelopes



What's included:

  • 20 custom cards (up to 2 designs)

  • Pre-stamped envelopes

"On the Cushion"


What's included:

  • 30 custom cards (up to 3 designs)

  • Pre-stamped envelopes

Options for 50, 100, 250, 500, and more also available. Please contact us for more information!

How our simple process benefits you...

  • Customization puts you in control without doing the work. 

  • Pre-folded and individually wrapped cards keep them organized and clean. 

  • Pre-stamped envelopes make it easy...no more searching for stamps or shopping for them.

LI Race Car.jpg
Pro Stock Front.jpeg

Your cards...customized.

  • Use photos of your car in the shop, on the track, or your team.

  • Create a message for the inside of the card or leave blank for handwritten note.

  • Back of the card can include your race team/track logo and contact information, social media platforms, website, and more.

Marketing Opportunities...

  • Use these cards as a great way to reach out to prospective sponsors. A handwritten note with a customized card shows professionalism and uniqueness.

  • Fan promotion! Run a contest and send a limited amount of cards to your fans. Imagine them opening up an envelope and seeing a handwritten note from their favorite driver.

  • Victory Lane Series: Take a photo of your team in victory lane, and let us create a small batch of custom cards so you can thank your sponsors. These would look great on their desk!

Norwalk Card Front.jpeg
Lex Joon Render.png

Multiple Uses...

  • Use these cards to thank your crew at the end of the season.

  • Send cards to race tracks and safety crews.

  • Create Christmas cards for family, friends, and your team. 


What can I customize?

  • You can have us customize the photo/text to be used for the front of the card, the message (if needed) on the inside of the card and also the back of the card (team logo, contact info., etc. 

What photos can I use?

  • You can provide us with a photo of your choice for the front of the card that best represents your team. We recommend using a photo of your car in the shop, on the track, or a team photo (victory lane photo could be used as well). 

Once I reach out to you, what would you need from me?

  • A high resolution JPG or PNG image of your race team logo and photo(s) you would like to use.

  • Any contact information for the back of the card.

  • Message for inside of card (can be left blank as well). Please note the message would be the same for each 10 card batch.

  • Your package selection for the number of cards needed. We can provide a quote if you would like something customized further.

When does the work begin?

  • Once you select the package you would like, and provide the information we will provide renderings and a quote. Upon acceptance of the quote, we will begin!

How long does it take?

  • Typical turn around time is 10-14 days from time of quote approval. This allows for proper quality inspection and packaging.

Can you create custom cards for my race track or sanctioning group?

  • Of course! It is just as important for race tracks and sanctioning organizations to send out cards to sponsors and supporters as well. We can work with you to create custom cards for your use!

What is the card size and finish?

  • The card is 5.5" x 4" on 14 pt. card stock (heavy duty), and has a stunning glossy finish on the front and back.

Why are the cards individually wrapped?

  • The cards are wrapped to protect the glossy finish and to keep the pre-stamped envelope with the card. This makes everything clean and organized!

How many designs can we have?

  • The cards are made in batches of 10. If you choose the 30 card option, this means you can have up to three different designs with 10 cards for each one. Essentially you can have one design for each 10 card batch.

How do we order?

  • Click the "Contact Us" button below to fill out some information and we will respond to begin the process!

Looking for another option? Please contact us so we can customize a package for you!

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