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Racing Hero Card
Racing Hero Card

hero cards

Get ready for autograph night and trade shows with awesome handouts!

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wow the crowd...

Kids love to collect hero cards during autograph night! 

Let us create professional, fun, and memorable hero cards for your team!


Cards feature a glossy finish on the front, matte on back.
Pricing includes cards and design work. There are no setup fees. 

4" x 6"

50 Cards: $71.25

100 Cards: $112.50

250 Cards: $187.50

500 Cards: $275.00

750 Cards: $325.00

5" x 7"

50 Cards: $97.03

100 Cards: $149.68

250 Cards: $223.01

500 Cards: $353.07

750 Cards: $408.01

6" x 9"

50 Cards: $113.06

100 Cards: $175.55

250 Cards: $252.90

500 Cards: $393.71

750 Cards: $488.68

Simple collaboration.

  • Customization puts you in control without doing the work. 

  • Use photos of your car in the shop, on the track, or your team.

  • Back of the card can include your race team logo and contact information, social media platforms, website, and more.

  • Use these cards as handouts at trade shows, industry events, car shows, appearances, and more!

Racing Hero Card
Racing Hero Card


What can I customize?

  • Printing is done on both sides of the card. The front should showcase your car and team, the back can include your sponsors, career highlights, website, etc. You can also include a QR Code on the card!

What photos can I use?

  • You can provide us with photos of your choice for the front of the card that best represents your team. We recommend using a photo of your car in the shop, on the track, or a team photo (victory lane photo could be used as well). 

Once I reach out to you, what would you need from me?

  • A high resolution JPG or PNG image of your race team logo and photo(s) you would like to use.

  • Any contact information for the back of the card.

  • Your package selection for the number of cards needed. We can provide a quote if you would like something customized further.

When does the work begin?

  • Once you select the package you would like, we will provide a quote. Collaboration will then continue to make minor adjustments if needed. Once the quote and design is accepted, we will provide an invoice. Due to the custom nature of the work, the invoice must be paid before printing begins. 

How long does it take?

  • Typical turn around time is 10-14 days from time of quote approval. This allows for proper quality inspection and packaging.

What is the card size and finish?

  • There are three options for the cards: 4" x 6", 5" x 7", and 6" x 9", and they have a stunning glossy finish on the front and back.

How do we order?

  • Click the "Contact Us" button below to fill out some information and we will respond to begin the process!