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Build human connections.

Snail mail still has lots of value
in today's fast-paced business world!

Buffalo Thank You Card
Business Birthday Card
Business Christmas Card
RJR Transportation Card

Thank You Cards

Business Christmas Card

Christmas & Holiday Cards

GEM Manufacturing Card

Blank Note Cards

Build relationships. Stand out. Enjoy custom designed cards branded with YOUR logo!

"These cards are the best marketing & customer relationship tactic I've used in a very long time."
- Dianna Huff, Huff Industrial Marketing

Coming Soon...Sales Prospecting Humor Cards

No one lands prospects 100% of the time. Which means following up needs to happen.

Phone calls and emails are expected.
A handwritten note is not. Combined with a little humor, you may just have the secret ingredient to stand out, make them chuckle, and reach out to you.

Sales Prospecting Card

Personalized service.

Whether using our design or yours, our goal is to make the process as easy as possible.


Each card is inspected and
pre-folded making it simple,
hassle free, and turnkey for you.


No more shopping or designing yourself. Enjoy notecards that showcase your brand.

Your business is unique.
Your brand is unique. 


You and your marketing team are busy. Among a million things to do, creating note cards is probably not high on your list of excitement. This is where you may do generic cards to “get it done”. So much effort is put into finding new clients, what about your current ones? They deserve some attention as well!


While note cards may sound simple on the surface, using them strategically makes all the difference. Does your CEO have their own personally designed cards? What about your sales manager? Have you considered specific designed cards for sales prospecting with leads who go cold?


This attention to detail does not go unnoticed. It’s the extra effort that many are not willing to do which will separate you from the rest. How will you make an impact in 2023?

Business Thank You Card
Brewerton Speedway Christmas Card
Blue Sky

What our clients say...

Kasey Labrie, Insurance Agent, State Farm

I had the pleasure of working with Alex from Start Imagining and I am blown away by the level of service and expertise they provided. From start to finish, he was professional, knowledgeable, and incredibly talented. They took the time to understand my vision and helped bring it to life in a way that exceeded my expectations. I am so grateful for the creativity and attention to detail that was brought to my project. I highly recommend Start Imagining to anyone looking for top-notch design and card services. Thank you for your hard work and for making my project a success!

no design fees. no setup fees.

From 10 cards to thousands, enjoy sending custom cards made specifically for YOU and YOUR business!

With happy clients in New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Michigan, Iowa, Indiana, Mississippi, Texas, and Wisconsin, companies across the country are loving the convenience of having their own cards!

Let's collaborate.

Reach out to learn more about how we can help you!

Thank you for reaching out! We will be in touch very soon!

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