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Why is it important to send thank you cards?

Tremendous way to build relationships with clients and employees.

Allows you to show gratitude in a more personal way.

Demonstrates your commitment and attention to detail.

Able to land on your clients’ desk instead of remaining in the inbox. 

When can you send a thank you card?

Our belief is that no sale is complete without saying Thank You. Sending a thank you card is perfect for B2B interactions after working with a client or customer.

After a sales demo or presentation. A thank you card can be a natural part of your sales cycle and follow up procedures.

After a trade show. Sending a card to those who stopped by your booth is a tremendous follow up opportunity.

To your employees. Employee morale
and satisfaction is a huge topic today.
Show gratitude to your employees, especially those who are remote. 

Ready to have some fun with your own custom cards?

Image by Kelly Sikkema

Building Relationships

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