We are blessed to be working with some wonderful people and businesses!

What do our customers think of Start Imagining?

"Anthony at Start Imagining is fantastic to work with. He was fast, efficient, and super effective! I wish I had found him sooner. We have worked on numerous projects, and every time I just tell him what I need, and he turns it around so quickly -- and without error! His attention to detail is impeccable, and his demeanor is so very pleasant. Anthony was able to comprehend the complexity of my documents, and then automate so many of the tedious functions we had been performing. Not only did it free up time, but it eliminated the risk of human error. I could not be more delighted with the results, and my business benefits from his expertise on a daily basis. We got started with a phone call, and an e-mail of my existing document. He quoted the project (worth every penny), and then he billed exactly what he quoted. The price was reasonable, and we found so much value in his work that we returned for additional projects I doubted we could ever accomplish. If you are uncertain, just pick something that bugs you, and ask him to fix it. It doesn't cost much, and it opens up so many possibilities. Don't wait -- your business (and probably your time) is on the line!"

Alexis Singleton, Vice President & Co-Owner at El Greco Woodworking

"Working with the team from Start Imagining has far surpassed our expectations. For any small to medium sized business looking for a cost effective solution to management systems, this is the best way to go. We can't wait to work with them on future projects!"


John Kappel, Marketing & Production Manager at Innosek

"I was truly amazed when I asked for this custom spreadsheet that you guys nailed it on the first try. Looking forward to the next project."


Justin Haers, Sales Manager at Phelps Cement Products


"Start Imagining took my business to a whole new level by tweaking my Excel spreadsheets to better meet my needs and goals. I recommend their expertise!"


Shannon Phelps, Travel Advisor at Momentum Vacations