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Automate QuickBooks & CRM/ERP Report Formatting in Excel

When raw data is exported from another program to Excel, it can be a time consuming and challenging task to reformat into usable reports. Start Imagining can provide a customized tool where, “at the click of a button” you can take the data export file and automatically reformat into required reports or analysis.

This amounts to hours of time savings, report standardization and a reduction in the chance for errors.​ 

Excel Spreadsheet Improvements

Your business is unique

Excel spreadsheets are an integral part of day-to-day operations and can be used in any industry.

With guidance from an outside perspective, let's explore how processes can be more efficient utilizing Excel.

We can either create new spreadsheets or take existing ones and make efficiency improvements!

Include Pivot Tables for In-depth Analysis

  • Easily interact with your sales or production data to understand important trends.

  • Summarize large amounts of data quickly to make more informed business decisions.

Use Macros to Automate Tasks

  • Complete a repetitive task in Excel you would normally do manually…with the click of a button!

  • Save time when completing quotes, compiling inventory or analyzing financial data.

Turn Spreadsheets into Standardized Forms

  • Provide a consistent experience for employees entering data or customers receiving quotes.

  • Include calculations and auto-filling fields to save time and reduce chances of errors.

Utilize Logic and Conditional Formatting to Highlight Important Data

  • Have cells turn color if they are outside of predetermined ranges.

  • Include logic formulas that check conditions against data and return results accordingly.

There are many other ways you can utilize Excel features to help your business.

Contact us with your specific needs for a no obligation consultation!