Why should my business send a handwritten note?

The handwritten note. In today’s digital age, the practice of picking up a pen to write a message and communicate your thoughts is slowly fading away. Email, text messaging, social media, and technology in general allow us to interact with someone with the click of a button. Connections are instant, and there is no time wasted. This not only holds true in daily society, but also in the business world.

So, why would you pick up a pen, write a note, and send a card to a client or business associate?

Differentiator. The goal of any consultant, business owner, or professional is to build meaningful relationships, stand out, and stay top of mind with their customers and clients. A handwritten note catches the recipient by surprise, but in a positive way as it is a welcomed change from the constant barrage of emails received every day. What will the recipient remember more, a particular email out of the hundreds received, or that one special card in the mail with the written word of a business partner?

Relationship builder. Sending a card clearly demonstrates to the recipient that you value their relationship and want to continue building on it. Sending a card can lead to a great conversation starter the next time you interact, which builds the rapport with a client or customer, leading to top of mind awareness.

Tangible. You can’t pick up or display an email or text message. You can, however, display a card. Having a card with your business branded on it is another opportunity to stay in front of your customers.

So, the next time you are thinking about communicating with your clients and customers, and are just thinking of sending a quick email, stop. Take the extra minute to write a handwritten note and mail a card. Not only is it great etiquette to show gratitude with a card, you will also break through the noise and jump to the top of their “inbox.”