Why should my business have custom thank you cards?

You just landed a huge client. This is the client that you have spent months nurturing, following up with, and guiding along. They’ve made the purchase. You’ve secured them as a customer. You decide that you want to send them a thank you card, so you go to the store and buy a card. Oh no!! What have you done?

You’re probably thinking, “What’s wrong with going to the store and getting a thank you card?” Well, let’s call it a missed opportunity. Does that card you bought from the store have your name on it? Does it have your business logo on it? Is it something fun, catchy, and creative, or is it another boring and generic card?

Business is all about branding. Think about a trade show or an event and all the giveaways that you have. Your business would never think about handing out a generic coffee mug, pen, or magnet WITHOUT your logo on it. So, why would you send generic and lifeless thank you cards to your actual clients?

Having custom made thank you cards for your business shows that you thought of the small details. It’s the icing on the cake that makes a client stop what they’re doing and say, “Wow, I have never gotten a card this cool before.” You want to stay top of mind with your clients, and sending a custom card is a tremendous conversation starter. You don’t want to blend in with everyone else, because if you do, how will you be remembered?

Many think of thank you cards as a boring part of the sales process. It can be so much more! When you have cards with your office, building, staff, equipment, or products, you will be so proud to send them out, and will have a lot more fun doing so. Take this opportunity to be creative and think outside the box.

So, stop going to the store and getting generic thank you cards. Have some fun and take pride in what you are sending to your valued clients by having custom thank you cards just for YOU!