Excel Spreadsheets

There is a difference between "using Excel" and understanding how Excel can be leveraged to make jobs easier for employees while saving a business thousands of dollars every year. 

Whether it’s operations, finance, sales, logistics or anything in between, Excel spreadsheets are widely used across many industries. Since spreadsheets are such a common part of business, it is easy to overlook how powerful Excel is and the impact it can have on productivity. With guidance from an outside perspective, let Start Imagining help your team transform your spreadsheets into remarkable mechanisms of analysis and productivity, allowing your business to work smarter not harder.

How much are you spending?

Let's take a look at how much money your business may be losing by not using Excel efficiently. 

Assuming ONE employee spends 5 hours per week manually formatting data:

Hourly Rate (unburdened)




Internal Cost per Year




Internal Cost over 2 Years




If multiple departments are doing this, these costs can skyrocket!

Let's explore how Excel can work better for you and your business!

Automation through Macros

Are you tired of repetitive tasks that take hours to complete?

  • If you export CRM or QuickBooks data into Excel often or are constantly formatting reports and data manually, you understand how time consuming and tedious this work is. 

  • Using macros is a great way to turn repetitive formatting and analysis tasks into automatic events “with the click of a button”.

  • This saves time for users while reducing chances for errors.

  • Watch the video to see an example of raw data being transformed into usable analysis! 

Data analysis made easy with Pivot Tables

No one wants to manually pick out trends in a spreadsheet with thousands of rows of data. 

  • Analyzing financial, sales or any data can be tedious in large spreadsheets. 

  • Pivot Tables allow for easy interaction with data to understand important trends and analytics. 

  • Thousands of rows of data can be summarized with a few clicks allowing for quicker, more informed business decisions. 


Use Excel for more than just spreadsheets

Eliminate manual calculations and formatting when quoting your customers.

  • Create dynamic forms, quote documents and more to utilize Excel to its full potential.

  • Provide a consistent experience and format to users entering data or for customers receiving quotes. 

  • Include calculations and auto-filling fields which can further save time and reduce the chances for errors.


Highlight key data with Conditional Formatting

Avoid asking the question, "When is preventative maintenance due for our equipment?"

  • Deadlines, service dates and sales highlights are just a few aspects of a business that owners and employees want to know quickly. 

  • Utilizing conditional formatting allows cells to change color automatically if data is outside the range of your predetermined criteria.  

  • Include logic statements to check conditions against data and return results accordingly. 


What do all these industries have in common?

  • Manufacturing

  • Food Production

  • Furniture Production

  • Construction

  • Investment Management

  • Travel

  • Auto Racing

  • Debt Collection

  • 3-D Printing

They have all benefited from our work to make life easier in Excel!

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