Customer Awareness Audit

How much focus does your company put on the customer? Have you reviewed processes and taken the necessary steps to ensure their satisfaction through all stages of contact?

First impressions are everything. Whether you are meeting someone for the first time or looking to do business with another company, the customer experience can be the most important part of any business relationship. There are many points of contact that can either secure business or derail any possibilities of working together. With over 30 years of engineering and marketing expertise, Start Imagining will put manufacturing companies to the test to see what processes are in place to give the best possible customer experience.

What goes into an audit?

  • Silent Observation

    • Digital interaction​

    • In-person interaction

    • Facility review

  • Marketing Review

    • Website​

    • Collateral

    • Message

  • Sales interaction

    • Proposals​

    • Follow-ups

    • Kick-off meetings

  • Service Interaction

    • Processes​

    • Warranties

    • Responsibilities

The key to any audit is to be objective. Could your company do this internally? Sure. But, what will the quality of the report look like? How honest will everyone be? How much time and resources will be tied up internally to accomplish this? The best way to grow is to have an outside perspective review and provide honest feedback and recommendations that the company may have never thought of.

Interested in having an audit performed on your company? Reach out today!