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Proactive Client Communication

Start Imagining works with small to mid-size companies to help with their client communication. Many companies are very busy keeping up with their day-to-day projects and tasks and, unfortunately, client outreach falls to the bottom of the list until there is a problem. Some don’t have the staff to do proper outreach and that is where Start Imagining can help.


With our 50+ years of combined industry experience, we can help bridge that gap so your company can do an outstanding job of customer care. Start Imagining can provide a customized program to meet your client communication goals.

Why is Client Communication so important?

  • Helps with relationship building.

  • Client retention –much easier to keep a customer than to always keep finding new ones.

  • Learn about what you should be doing with your product:

    • Do you need to add any features? What is missing?

    • What is good/bad from a customer perspective? Get honest feedback.

    • What is important to the customer.

    • Understand past issues.

  • Helps to increase sales.

  • Make better business decisions.

  • Allows for proactive outreach instead of reactive – big difference!

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Common Holes in Current Outreach

  • Outreach is almost always too late or never gets done at all.

  • If you do get feedback, nothing is done internally to correct the issues and train for future situations.

  • "Flavor of the Week"- Outreach is done for a very short amount of time before old habits continue again.

How Start Imagining Can Help

  • By understanding your business, pain points and current outreach program.

  • By contacting your clients for feedback on delivery, product quality, customer service, etc.

  • By being your source of periodic outreach.

  • By developing a plan for your company to routinely follow.

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Having been in industry for so many years, we can’t tell you the number of times a customer is just so happy to hear from the company. If nothing else, it gives a sense that you care about them and the outreach contributes to building a solid relationship. We have run up against many of the points above and more. Engaging with your client outside of the sales cycle is critical to the learning process of how to be a better company, to produce better offerings, which in turn creates better and more satisfied employees because they see a happy customer.

Interested in Learning More?

Please contact us to learn how your business can take client outreach to the next level!

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